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Cazu Aromas

Home Spray Marseille 240ml

Home Spray Marseille 240ml

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The Cazu Aromas home spray wonderfully perfumes the space with just a few
sprayed. With immediate effect, you can enjoy a pleasant aroma when you are


- Top notes: Green notes
- Middle notes: Amber Lavender
- Base notes: Lavender, pine and rosemary

Spray Home Spray in your environment or on surfaces whenever you want. THE
aroma intensity can be controlled according to your preference. if the
skin comes into contact with the liquid, wash it immediately with soap and water in
abundance. If it gets into your eyes, flush them with water for a few
It can be used on rugs, sofas, curtains and fabric chairs.
Tip: apply to curtains with open windows, so the wind will spread the
scent around the house. We do not recommend applying to thin fabrics.


- Water, alcohol, fragrances and preservative.
- * Liquid may contain color variations due to fragrance.


It even smells good is the odor blocker that keeps any #2 under control.
With a fragrance of essential oils, it is the toilet odor blocker that
definitively eliminates the bad smell at the time of suffocation. It even smells good
eliminates the embarrassment of using the bathroom. This version with 50
ml is ideal for leaving the bathroom and toilets in perfect condition,
fragrant. At home or at work, doing number 2 doesn't have to be one.

How to use:

01. Before using the toilet, position the bottle at the height of the toilet lid
with the sprayer directed at the water and spray 5 times.

02. The natural oils will create a barrier that will prevent odors from
unpleasant appear.

03. Only the aroma of “Until it smells good” will be perceptible and the ambience
there will be no bad smell.

Sprayed, used, blocked!


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